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We track everything.

What we do

At MTM, we don’t believe in “letting it marinate”, “giving it time” or throwing things against the wall just to see what sticks. We track everything, we check everything, and we tweak everything. Constantly. Because if you work with us, your money is our money. And we don’t waste money.

Full Service | Proven results

The Ace Up Your Sleeve

A full service advertising agency with proven results. We track everything, we check everything, and we tweak everything. Constantly. Why? Because the truth is, there is no magical marketing silver bullet. The only thing that you can count on to consistently deliver results is experience, passion, and hard work. Luckily, we have all three in spades.

The Fundamentals

Is your marketing based in the fundamentals?

Our marketing strategy for our clients is based on our Fundamentals of Advertising. That means that we meet your business where it is in relation to the Fundamentals; we don't try and force strategies that your business or website is not prepared for. We work together with you to design a marketing and advertising strategy based on the fundamentals, and evolve that over time.

Success Stories

What our clients are saying

Mark Thomas Media and Clegg’s Pest Control, a Super combo! Since teaming up with Mark Thomas Media earlier this year, we have been experiencing signifigant revenue growth. Their refreshing and inspirational approach to our marketing is taking our company to new levels statewide. They have made great changes and updates to our website and heroic efforts to enhance our digital and traditional radio, print and television advertising. Our team is always looking forward to our next adventure with Mark Thomas Media.

- Bill Wicker, CFO, Clegg’s Termite & Pest Control, LLC

The insurance business is both strategic and relationship driven, and can be complex for those who don’t work in the space. MTM has the ability to cover both aspects for us. They were willing to do the research and spend the time to understand our business inside and out, and craft a message that represents our values to our clients.

- Marcus Turner

As a company we pride ourselves on knowing and caring about the customers that we provide our products to. MTM shares our passion, through us, for the customer. And they extend that care to us as a client as well.

- Kent Denning

Meet Your Team

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“I enjoy helping other people grow their business. I like working with these people, and you will too.”

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VP / Director of Social Media Marketing


“Showing measurable results and celebrating those successes with clients is why I love this job.”

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Wearing many hats is Heather’s strength. We dare you to come up with a project she can’t complete. Go ahead. Try. She loves a challenge, thinking outside the box, and working with a team of the most hardworking and caring individuals she’s ever met.

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Nicole, a graduate of East Carolina University, is the glue that brings our office together. She holds our team to a standard of only delivering the absolute best service and results to clients. Bobby Bones– if you’re reading this, Nicole would have been a far superior Dancing With The Stars

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Multimedia Specialist


Hayley graduated from High Point University in 2019 with a degree in Graphic Design. Before joining Mark Thomas Media, she worked in downtown Raleigh as a graphic designer specializing in print and digital design. She is passionate about creating new and creative designs for all of Mark Thomas Media’s clients.

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SEO Manager


Holden is an NC State graduate with a degree in Marketing. He is skilled in digital marketing and content writing and has previous experience with each through past internships and school projects. He is excited to expand on his knowledge of all things digital marketing and SEO in order to

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