I am a technology enthusiast with a lot of interest in environmentalism. Most of my time is spent either in nature or in front of a computer screen – so I do my best to balance the two out. When I’m out in nature, I like to learn about my ecosystem. I find fun in being able to identify trees, plants, fungi, etc on my own. When I’m at home, I’m finishing up my degree at Wake Tech or studying a subject of my own interest. I’m a philomath. I love learning about everything in life, really – but I do focus on where technology and environmentalism intersect. Automated farming, green energy, electric cars, stuff like that. My long-term goal is to use digital marketing to help ‘green businesses’ and non-profits while sharpening my skills to one day tackle larger projects – like marketing city level environmental efforts.

Aside from that, I’m born and raised in North Carolina. I have a wife, two cats, a dog, a small collection of vinyl records and books. I play the latest video games and fiddle with the newest gadget that comes out, but right now I’m in a period where I’m focusing on myself and growing. The only thing I’ve been needing recently is a job and here I am.