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If you have ever been part of a conversation about SEO, you have most likely heard the terms keyword, links, page speed, metadata, or website authority. All of these terms and the hundreds of other terms that you have most likely heard about SEO have to do with base knowledge of the industry.

There are thousands of videos and blog posts around the web promising that you will rank #1 in Google and have your business’s website become an authority in the industry after viewing their content. While this content can hold valuable base information about SEO, that is all it will give you. A base knowledge of SEO is not going to do the job when it comes to competing with all of the big sites in your industry. Most of the websites that rank #1 in your industry are probably paying more and putting more of their resources toward SEO.

If you are trying to reach the top page of Google with your eye care website, Mark Thomas Media has the experience needed to get you there. We have worked with several clients in the YMYL space that requires experience and expertise to conquer the top page of Google.

Implementing SEO By Google’s Standards

In order to reach the top page of Google with a site in the medical industry, you need to implement the best SEO practices for the space. If you do not follow the rules that Google has laid out, there is a very small chance that you will be successful.

There are a few terms that you need to know in order to rank well for a website that involves eye care advice and offers services. These terms include YMYL and E-A-T.

What does YMYL mean?

In May of 2018 Google released an update called Medic. This update heavily impacted websites in industries such as health, finance, and law. The update was released in order to provide Google searchers with reliable information from professionals in these industries.

YMYL stands for “Your Money or Your Life.” This is how Google defines which websites and industries this update will affect. For example, if you are doing business in any industry that offers advice that can affect someone’s financial situation or wellbeing, you must adhere to the Medic guidelines.

Since Ophthalmology deals with the health of the patient, you will need to play by Google’s rules in order to get anywhere with SEO. To do this, you must establish E-A-T signals.

What are E-A-T signals?

As previously mentioned, the medic update was implemented to give searches in YMYL industries reliable information from professionals. In order for Google to recognize your website as a professional business in the field, you must establish Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness with Google. These are otherwise known as E-A-T signals.

If someone in the world decides to do a Google search for, “Why does my eye hurt,” Google is going to use E-A-T signals to determine which website has the medical authority to answer this question. You, being a business that provides eye care to patients every day, should be at the top of that search.

If you want to have customers land on your website after searching terms like this and other similar things, you must first make Google understand that you are qualified to answer this question.

Ophthalmology Client Case Study

The goal of SEO is to provide your business with the long-term benefits that come with creating content for your website.

The following is a graph of organic page traffic that one single piece of SEO content for one of our ophthalmology clients. The page now consistently brings between 200-300 visitors to the website every week even though it was created over a year ago.

This page alone has acquired over 13,000 visits since it has been posted. We give our clients around 2-3 pieces of SEO content per month depending on budget. So you can imagine what kind of improvements we can make to our client’s websites that have been with us for over a year.

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