Holden is an NC State graduate with a Bachelors degree in Marketing. He is our Manager of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and has proven his strategies and methods of building organic traffic and generating valuable organic leads for our clients.

Holden believes that every winning SEO strategy implements 3 essential practices: Great SEO Content, Technical Optimization, and External Link Building. He is experienced with generating SEO content that ranks our clients for relevant keywords relating to their industries. He has also recorded ranking multiple websites for a combined total of well over 50,000 keywords in Google’s search engine and over 100 pages on the first page of Google for our clients within just 2 years of experience in the field.

Some industries that Holden has done SEO for include but are not limited to:

  • Dental SEO
  • Plumbing SEO
  • Home Improvement SEO
  • Pest Control SEO
  • Automotive SEO

If you are interested in having Holden and the rest of our team optimize your website to improve your rankings in Google and get leads that matter to your business, contact Mark Thomas Media today. Our digital team is the best you can ask for and we will show you our proven results so you can be sure that your marketing budget is being put to good use.