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Drive new patients with effective paid search advertising


When it comes to advertising your dental practice to Virginia residents, there is no better channel for acquiring new patients than paid search. Search traffic is the most low funnel traffic you can get for your website when it comes to driving new patient leads. What do we mean by that? When someone goes to Google and searches ‘dentist near me’, they are signaling that they need the exact service that you are providing, and they need it now. Showing a search ad to someone in the exact moment that they are looking for the service you provide is the best way to acquire new patients.

So just set up some Google ads and let the leads flow in right? If only it were that easy. Knowing that new patients are looking for dentists on Google is one thing, designing ads and campaigns that can effectively capture that traffic and turn it into a name and phone number for you to call is something else entirely. Factors like ad copy, keyword selection, campaign structure, and many more all play a crucial role in running a successful campaign that drives patients to your practice. Luckily, we have experience creating, deploying, and optimizing paid search campaigns that drive new patients to dental practices. In a recent campaign for a client, we delivered a 119% increase in leads and a 53% decrease in cost per lead compared to their previous paid search vendor in the first month. We know our stuff when it comes to dental ppc campaigns that drive results, but this also illustrates how easy it is to waste money on Google.

Stop wasting money in paid search. Start driving new patients.


Don’t let your ad dollars go to waste on a poor performing paid search campaign. Contact our team at MTM today and let us get to work on a campaign that will drive results and generate ROI for your practice, getting more new patients in the door.

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