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Recently, Winston Salem grew slightly faster than Greensboro, which is bucking a historic trend. Now that more people are moving to the Triad, and there are amble jobs available, we are seeing an uptick in the number of new and used vehicles being purchased. If you own or manage a local car dealership a strong marketing strategy can help your dealership stay ahead of your competitors in terms of exposure and sales numbers.

At Mark Thomas Media, we strive to assist car dealerships sell more cars. Our strategy includes a full scale marketing effort that incorporates both print and digital marketing. As your ad agency on record we offer a variety of services that help your car dealership reach a larger audience. Ultimately, we want people signing on the signature line and driving off your car dealership with a new car.

Below are some of the services we offer:

Digital Advertising

Paid Search and Display Advertising

The Google Adwords auction marketplace allows a website owner the opportunity to immediately rank at the top of Google for any keyword. This auction can be very difficult to understand as there are several layers to each campaign. For a Google Paid Search campaign to be cost effective it must be optimized properly. Our team has worked with a number of local car dealerships to go after specific search phrases that will reach an audience that is willing to pick up the phone and schedule a test drive today.

Mobile/Display Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

With thousands of Winston Salem residents using their iPhone or Android phone during a large portion of their waking hours, it is now the case that many car dealership websites are getting a larger percentage of mobile traffic compared to desktop traffic. Our team at Mark Thomas Media has built strong relationships with app developers and app owners in the Winston Salem area. This allows us to get your brand name in front of local car buyers that are using search and information applications. We can also set up a Google Adwords campaign that focuses on mobile search or click to call ads making certain you will be getting phone calls for the ads you buy.

Organic Search (SEO)

As soon as a potential car buyer has the urge to research prices, colors, makes and models they are going to use Google. Google Search has changed the way people buy cars. If you rank at the top of search for highly competitive keyword phrases you are going to get more phone calls and driving direction requests. If you are on page 2 or page 3, your competitors are likely going to get that business. Our experienced search engine optimization (SEO) experts have researched, studied and examined the Google algorithm to better understand how to rank on the front page for highly competitive automotive keyword phrases.

Email Marketing

In the past decade your car dealership has acquired thousands of emails from current, past and potential car buyers. These emails are a great way to quickly reach out to a local audience that is willing to consider a vehicle purchase. Our email marketing team has metrics and data to determine the best time to send out an email blast that is not intrusive or irritating to a customer. We also have tools in place to track the follow through for each email that is sent. Let us help you use your email list to your advantage.

Social Media

Every single month more people are signing up for Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and other social media apps. Not a day goes by in which we do not see people scrolling through their Facebook or Instagram feeds. This is a wonderful branding opportunity for your Winston Salem car dealership. Our social media experts know the correct content to share and when to share it to reach the maximum number of eyeballs. We also work hard to help you get the most out of each social media campaign rather than throwing money just to get Facebook likes that do not convert to actual business.

Reputation Management

When a potential car buyer is ready to make the decision to purchase a new vehicle they are going to Google a dealership name to confirm they have a good reputation. No one wants to buy a car from a dealership that is going to hassle them when it comes to maintenance and repairs. The way a buyer will find out just how customer friendly a dealership is is by Googling or YouTubeing their name. We will work with your dealership to make certain your strong customer service scores are illustrated on the front page of Google search. With our SEO experts, graphic designers and social media team, we can make the front page of Google a very inviting place for any customer looking to purchase a vehicle today.

Responsive Websites

WordPress, Joomla and Drupal are some of the most widely used content management systems used in the automotive industry. It is imperative that your vehicle inventory is available online. By not having all cars on your website, you are missing out on potential sales. We have a team that is experienced with each content management platform. We can help you update graphics, logos, sales material or generic vehicle information.

Market Exclusive Digital Platform with Real Time Return on Investment (ROI) Metrics

We have a market exclusive digital platform with real time return on investment (ROI) metrics. This software will allows us to see how websites visitors accessed your page, how long they were there, where they went and what cars they looked at. We can also get data to see if they return to your website later or submitted a contact form. We can even see where they were looking when picked up the phone and called the dealership. This is a very effective way to make certain you are getting all your website visitors into the door of your car dealership.


Content is king when it comes to digital marketing. Without great content on your website, you are not going to be found in search nor will visitors find your website interesting. You likely found this article because of the great content. Our writers have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the automotive industry. You may want to update your website to reflect the current summer sales event or the upcoming Black Friday specials. As a team, we can create the content, properly optimize it and publish it to your website.

Traditional Advertising

Radio and TV Commercials including Online Video

Radio and television have been a great way to reach a local audience for several decades. That has not changed in 2017 and will not change in the immediate future. What has changed are the ways in which potential customers listen to the radio and watch TV. With a team of experts that know the industry, we now have the ability to get your commercial on Pandora and other online radio applications. We also have TV and radio personalities that can assist in creating the perfect commercial to illustrate your dealership. Having forged relationships with local media companies for over a decade, we have the ability to get your radio or TV spot exactly when you want it.

Print Marketing, Billboards and Graphic Design

While some marketing companies have given up on print marketing, we know it is still very effective. Mailers are a great way to reach your local audience and billboards on Interstate 40 and throughout Winston Salem are seen by millions on a weekly basis. Whether you are looking to get the billboard spot on I-85 and I-40 or want to create an infographic brochure mailer for your past customers, we have a graphics design team that can help.

Organic Search (SEO)

Google processes 40,000 search queries every single second. Many of these queries are individual looking to make a purchase decision. They are researching or seeking for a trustworthy website that will tell them what they should do with their money. Our organic search experts have worked with thousands of automotive keywords. This allows them to focus on the phrases that will get you more buyers. There is no reason to allow your competitors to outrank you and get customers that would have been willing to buy a car this month.

Direct Mail

Direct mail is still a very effective way to market a car dealership. As one of the premier automotive ad agencies on the East coast, we know the value of reminding local residents of upcoming sales, deals and specials. Instead of someone getting credit card solicitations and bills in the mail, we like to provide them with a beautiful picture of a brand new car or truck they could drive off your lot today. Having a many large mailing lists, we can get your name out to everyone in the local area.

Event Planning

During evenings and weekends, car dealerships have the opportunity to get more people on their lots with major events. Allow our team to not only plan the event, but run it to perfection. Whether it is a summer BBQ, a college football tailgate before a Wake Forest game or a kids day, we have experience planning these events. When Winston Salem residents are going on their weekend drive, they will want to know what is going on and will likely stop by. The more people on your car lot, the more vehicles you are going to sell.


Having a team with over four decades of combined experience is very valuable. We have see trends come and go in the automotive industry. Should you spend time building out your Yelp profile? Is it worth it to post on Google Plus for SEO reasons? How long will it take to rank on the front page for Winston Salem car dealership? These are all questions we can not only answer, but help you achieve maximum sales. Do not feel as if any question should go unasked. If we don’t know the answer, we will do the research and provide an answer with documentation.