Raleigh NC Automotive Ad Agency

If you are an owner or general manager of a car dealership in Raleigh and are looking to sell more cars reach out to us at travis@markthomasmedia.com.

Year in and year out Raleigh, North Carolina is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. The population growth rate has been above 3% for several years and the unemployment rate continues to drop; under 4% as of April 2017. This means there are more people, with more jobs, looking to make a vehicle purchase. With tens of thousands of people moving to Raleigh every single year there is a strong demand for new and used car dealerships.

Owners and general managers of car dealerships know the importance of print and digital marketing. With a number of dealerships competing for business in Wake, Johnston, Durham and Orange Counties it is important to incorporate branding and marketing. At Mark Thomas Media, we offer the full automotive marketing package as one of the most elite ad agencies in the state of North Carolina. With decades of experience working with car dealerships, our team provides valuable market research, insights and deliverables that can help your dealership sell more cars.

Below are some of the services we offer:

Digital Advertising

Paid Search and Display Advertising

Google Adwords provides car dealerships with the opportunity to immediately rank at the top of the front page of Google search for any keyword. Rather than spending hours of time training a staff member how to start the ad buying process through the Google auction we provide this service for our clients. This allows them to spend more time on the sales floor or telephone selling cars. Display advertising allows us to run pre roll ads at the beginning and during online videos on YouTube and other web entities.

Mobile/Display Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Mobile search now accounts for over half the internet traffic for many car dealerships. Knowing that potential car buyers are using their phones to look at apps, verify driving directions and check for traffic, it is wise to reach an audience through this medium. Our skilled Internet Marketing team has worked with a number of popular app developers and owners to provide banner ads and other marketing opportunities. We also have the ability to create front page search results for mobile searches.

Organic Search (SEO)

Google processes 40,000 search queries every second. When Raleigh area residents are thinking about making a purchase they trust Google to provide them with the best results. If you hope to rank at the top of Google search for competitive automotive keywords there must be an ongoing SEO campaign. Our search engine optimization team has over a decade of experience in the automotive industry. They can help your dealership rank at the top of Google search for branded, competitive and long tail keyword phrases that will encourage customers to pick up the phone and call your dealership.

Email Marketing

Over the years, your team has acquired thousands of emails from current, past and potential customers. There is no reason to let these emails go to waste. We can provide a comprehensive email marketing campaign that will not be intrusive but will offer a reminder that great sales and deals are available. We have the opportunity to track data to get even more customers from your email list. We can also acquire email lists that will reach a large Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill audience.

Social Media

Facebook has over 2 million monthly active users with Instagram not far behind at 700 millions users. Other social networks with over 100 million users include Twitter, Snapchat and Google Plus. Our team will provide the expertise needed to not only grow your social media audience but remind them of the amazing buying opportunities at your car dealership. We will push out the aforementioned print and video graphics to expand overall reach. We will also do the backend work to set up, post and monitor all social accounts.

Reputation Management

Over the course of the last several decades, your car dealership has built a strong reputation in the Raleigh area. We want your web presence to reflect that. When a potential car buyer is thinking about pulling the trigger and making a vehicle purchase they will likely Google your dealerships name. We want a strong review portfolio and some very impressive front page results to make 100% certain the customer drivers off your lot in their new car.

Responsive Websites

DealerOn and Dealer Inspire offer opportunities to keep your inventory available online. This is extremely valuable as thousands of Raleigh residents will be looking for a specific make and model vehicle on your website. We can assist with the backend coding and questions related to these content management systems. We also have experts in Drupal, WordPress and Joomla. No matter which dealer website software package you are running, we can assist with your digital marketing.

Market Exclusive Digital Platform with Real Time ROI Metrics

At Mark Thomas Media, we have a market exclusive, digital platform that has real time return on investment metrics. We know where customers are coming from that land on your website, which cars they are looking at and how long they viewed a certain page. We can also track if they come back to the site or follow up with a contact form or telephone call. This data allows us to create a customized marketing plan that will help you sell more cars.


Even if you have the most beautiful Raleigh, North Carolina car dealership website on the Internet, it is not going to matter if eyeballs do not land on the page. To increase eyeballs or traffic, it takes a concerted effort of fresh and unique content. Our automotive writers know the season trends that can increase the traffic to your mobile or desktop website tremendously.

Traditional Marketing

Radio and TV Commercials including Online Video

Having strong relationships with several media conglomerates in the Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill area allows us to find the perfect radio or TV spot for your car dealership. Not only can we find the correct time slot, we also have the ability to create the commercial with personalities that are known throughout the Triangle. Upon completion of the audio or video file, we will then upload it to the proper channels including YouTube, Soundcloud, Facebook and Instagram. This will help your dealership reach the largest audience possible.

Print Marketing, Billboards and Graphic Design

While some are claiming print marketing is dying or already dead, we know this is not the case. Mailers are still very effective and print infographics have proven to to be a great branding opportunity. Whether you are looking for a billboard on Capital Boulevard or between Raleigh and Durham on I-40, we can assist with this service. Our graphics design team will create a customized graphic that includes your logo, telephone number and website that is sure to catch the eye of potential car buyers.

Organic Search (SEO)

Ranking on the front page of Google is a very quick way to get more car buyers to your dealership. Thousands of car buyers are comparing prices and models on a daily basis. If you have a successful search engine optimization (SEO) campaign you will find the phone is ringing more and your dealership is selling more cars. Allow our SEO experts to assist in getting your website to the top of Google Search.


With over 30 years of combined experience in the automotive marketing industry we can provide valuable market research and knowledge to help your car dealership grow. Each member of our team has expertise in a very specific marketing area. If your dealership needs a focus on social media or Organic Search we can provide the consulting as well as the service. No matter what questions you may have related to automotive marketing, we can help.

Direct Mail

Direct mail is a marketing strategy that has worked for several decades. Every single day, thousands of Raleigh residents check their mail looking for something interesting. Rather than having to open bills or credit card solicitations, they want to see a beautiful image that strikes their eye. We have a graphics design team that can not only create the most appealing graphic but also get your message across. Whether you have an upcoming sale or a car buy back program, we can help.

Event Planning

Car dealerships in Raleigh, North Carolina have major events almost every weekend. Some have inflatables outside their lots while others offer summer BBQs or college football tailgates. No matter what type of event you are hosting, it is sure to make people wonder, “what is going on?” The more people on your car lot, the more cars you are going to sell. Allow the team at Mark Thomas Media to not only plan your event, but run it to perfection.