Automotive Ad Agency Services

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At Mark Thomas Media, we have a marketing team that can help your car dealership sell more cars. Whether you are an automotive group with over 10 dealerships, a single dealership looking to sell over 200 cars a month or a buy here, pay here used car lot trying to sell 40 cars a month, we can help you reach your monthly goals. As the premier automotive ad agency in North Carolina, we offer a number of digital and traditional advertising services.

Our team will study your business model and create a customized marketing package that will help your car dealership reach the largest possible audience. When it all comes down to it, our goal is to help you sell more cars.

Services we offer:

Digital Advertising

Paid Search and Display Advertising

Google allows a website owner the opportunity to purchase ad space at the top of Google Search for any keyword phrase. The Adwords auction marketplace was built to give business owners instant access to front page results. Our experienced Adwords team can help you set up an effective Google Adwords campaign which will bring in more potential car buyers.

Mobile/Display Search Engine Marketing

Every single year, more people use their smartphone to search for vehicle information. This means they are comparing prices, looking at the latest models and getting driving directions to dealerships from the palm of their hand. They are also using apps to check for traffic and determine the best way to get a car loan. We work with a number of local app developers that can help your dealership reach a large audience. We also have the ability to make your website rank at the top of Google Mobile Search by setting up a Google Adwords campaign.

Organic Search (SEO)

Every second, Google processes 40,000 search queries. Without a properly optimized website, you are going to find your dealership shows up nowhere in search. If you are on page two or page three you might as well be on page 10. Our search engine optimization (SEO) experts have worked with automotive keywords for over a decade, giving them the knowledge and experience to help your dealership rank higher than the competition. We strive to have our clients rank not only locally and regionally, but nationally as well.

Email Marketing

Having accumulated thousands of emails over the years, now is the time to use them. Our marketing team has software and data analysis tools that help us determine the correct time to send an email blast in which the most eyeballs will see the content. We have graphic designers and animation creators that can make 100% certain your email is enticing.

Social Media

Facebook now has over 2 billion monthly active users. Instagram has 700 million and Twitter and Snapchat are not far behind. No matter what social network is “hot” at the present time, we have a team of social media experts that know the correct time to share content and the images that create the most likes and attract the highest engagement. If you have an upcoming sale, or specials on a specific make or model, social media is a great way to let your audience know about their options.

Reputation Management

Before signing on the dotted line, many car buyers will complete their due diligence and research your car dealership. They will Google the name of the dealership and study what shows up on the front page of search. If there are bad reviews or negative videos about your dealership you are likely going to miss out on a customer. We will work with you to make certain your great customer service is illustrated through the front page results for your branded keywords. We will also help to build online profiles such as Google Reviews, Facebook Reviews and Yelp.

Responsive Websites

WordPress, Joomla and Drupal offer great content management systems. Having your inventory of cars on your website is imperative. It is also important to have valuable content that explains your current sales, deals and specials. If you have stale content that has not been updated in months, visitors to your website are going to surf to one of your competitors and look at vehicles on their website. We can help you freshen up your website with a brand new theme and management system along with unique content.

Market Exclusive Digital Platform with Real Time Metrics

At Mark Thomas Media, we have a market exclusive digital platform with real time return on investment (ROI) metrics. This allows us to see how a visitor landed on your website and where they went. We will be able to see which cars they looked at and how long they were on the page. We can even see where they went after they decided to leave your website. This will allow us to customize your website to make sure visitors are contacting your car dealership.

Traditional Advertising

Radio and TV Commercials including Online Video

Radio and TV commercials are a great way to reach a large, local audience. Whether you are in a small town or a large metropolis, the majority of people in the local area likely listen to the radio on their way to and from work and watch television when they get home from work. This branding opportunity could be a game changer for your car dealership. We have a relationship with many local media conglomerates allowing us to get the perfect time slot for your commercial. We also have radio and TV personalities to act in your commercial. Instead of having to hire several different companies to complete the process, we can do it all.

Print Marketing, Billboards and Graphic Design

Gaining impressions on your car dealership is not as easy as just putting up a sign. It takes a beautiful piece of artwork or print material, the proper location and implementation of the marketing material. At Mark Thomas Media, we have a graphic design team that can create a gorgeous ad that will be noticed by all. Whether you desire a billboard, a brochure or a piece of print material for local supermarkets or grocery stores, we have the access to reach this audience.

Organic Search (SEO)

Google has created an entire industry – search. With millions of people using their smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop to search for automotive related keywords, now is the time to properly optimize your car dealership website. By waiting, you are allowing your competitors to get even further ahead when it comes to the Internet. Our team can make certain your car dealership website ranks for competitive automotive keyword phrases and long tail questions that are asked on a consistent basis.

Direct Mail

While some marketing and advertising agencies will claim that direct mail and print marketing is dead, we know the truth. There are still millions of United States citizens that open the mailbox every single day. Instead of seeing the latest electric bill or a credit card solicitation why not offer them an image of a beautiful, brand new car they can buy today? Our graphics design team can assist with creating the mailer and our marketing team will make certain it goes out to all those in your local area.

Event planning

Many weekends throughout the year, Americans go for a “weekend drive” just to see what is going on around town. If you are hosting a BBQ, football tailgate or kids day at your car dealership, they may just stop in. The more people that are on your car lot, the more cars you are going to sell. Allow us to not only create the events for you but run them to perfection.